Michael Phillips Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Hello! My name is Michael Phillips, and I have been a Licensed Psychologist in the state of New Hampshire since 1996. While I am a generalist at heart, I have several areas of specialty including the assessment and treatment of addictions, and all issues to do with family law (i.e. custody, parenting training, difficult adolescent adjustments, domestic violence etc.).

In my own clinical work, I strive to be pragmatic, an enthusiastic listener, and I am not afraid to offer feedback when it is warranted. My theoretical underpinnings are somewhat eclectic, borrowing heavily from Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic and Existential theories, and even a touch of eastern philosophy in the form of Mindfulness and meditation.

I believe that an effective counseling relationship involves an active collaboration between the client and the counselor. In this relationship the client is seen as the expert on his or her own life, and the counselor is the expert on human behavior and methods for understanding and changing it. Between the two experts lie the solutions to most problems. Counseling often involves a lot of hard work, both in the sessions and outside of the sessions, in the real world. After all, if you only change for one hour per week, that still leaves the other 167 hours where you remain unchanged.

I work with a broad range of clients: individuals, couples, groups, families. I work with clients from roughly age 10 and up, addressing all manner of life issues.

I bought the practice from its founder and former owner Roger LaMora in 2000, and since that time I have strived to make it the most user-friendly practice of its kind. I am open to all forms of feedback about LaMora Psychological Associates, whether about the telephone answering system, or the website, or my clinical work or the clinical work of one of my employees. Please communicate either by phone at 603-889-8648 x107, or by email at phillips@lamorapsych.com, or in writing addressed to:

LaMora Psychological Associates, P.A.
39 Simon Street Unit 5
Nashua, NH 03060

Let me help you take control of your life!