Laura Landerman

Welcome to Lamora Psychological Associates’ Website. I have been a member of the staff here since January 2005 and have thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming and professional atmosphere here. While I have been here only since January 2005, I have been a member of the professional community here in Nashua since 1986, working as a psychologist in both in- and out-patient settings. I encourage you to review my Vitae in order to see the more specific details of my work history.

My extensive training and work experiences, focusing on therapeutic interventions with individuals, couples, and families, allows me to fully engage with my patients in a manner that includes evaluation, intervention, and follow-up. While I have been trained in traditional therapy modes, I have developed my own combined methodology of interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and developmental interventions. Therapy sessions are active, including much interpersonal dialogue, strategizing, exploration, and problem-solving. Sessions with children (ages 6 and older) often include play therapy. I have long ago established an expertise in working with adolescents, an age in which many challenges present themselves, especially in contemporary society.

I see my role as a professional and compassionate collaborator with families and other related professionals, such as pediatricians, primary care providers, attorneys, and so on. Together, hopefully, we can better understand the past, and/or current challenges presented to us and work toward a healthier, safer, and happier tomorrow.