Dr. Judah Weathers M.D., Ph.D[NH/MA]

Dr. Judah Weathers M.D., Ph.D Dr. Judah Weathers M.D., Ph.D is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who completed medical school at Yale University, his Ph.D at Oxford University and the National Institutes of Health, and residency training at the Yale Child Study Center. Before returning to his hometown in Southern New Hampshire in 2018, his clinical and research focus was in the development of mood disorders in adolescents and young adults. He has first authored peer reviewed research articles that report important differences in the development of brain structure and function of individuals with bipolar disorder, differences he hopes will ultimately lead to earlier diagnosis and interventions.

Dr. Weathers is adjunct teaching faculty at both the Yale School of Medicine and Giesel Medical School at Dartmouth, where he instructs fellows in psychiatry on topics ranging from historical perspectives if ethics in psychiatry to the development of mood disorders in youth. He has a wealth of experience in treating individuals, of all age groups, with mood, anxiety, trauma, and psychotic disorders. He leads inpatient clinical teams in nearby hospitals focused on the stabilization of individuals suffering from acute behavioral health symptoms.

"Psychiatry offers terrific promise in reducing emotional and psychological distress. Drawing on important historical perspectives on the function of the mind and human experience, and its intersection of contemporary therapies and medication, I aim to improve the lives of every individual and family I have the privilege to work. In my opinion, treatment must incorporate the important cultural, ethnic, gender, and social factors that impact our daily lives.” - Judah Weathers M.D., Ph.D