Derek Lavoie, Psychologist

Derek Lavoie, PsychologistMy name is Derek Lavoie, I am a postdoctoral fellow working toward my license to practice as a psychologist. My treatment interests include working with those with histories of complex or sustained trauma, unresolved guilt, prolonged grief, personality disorders, and those struggling with legal stressors. I have also worked extensively with those struggling with substance use and many presentations of acute symptoms.

In my clinical work, my goal is to collaboratively reach an understanding of underlying causes of one’s struggles and to enact change. Theoretically, I will typically utilize principles from schema therapy, which will involve the identification and modification of core belief systems often formed by one’s past experiences. For others, I will use elements of gestalt therapy, relying more on experiential interventions or existential therapy, discussing deeper meaning with a focus on shifting perspectives.

I often rely on cognitive-behavioral therapy to ensure the stability of symptoms prior to moving into these other techniques. I primarily work with adults but am open to adolescents should a strong therapeutic rapport be conceivable. I have a focus on accomplishing clear treatment goals and approaching therapy through a time-limited structure, however the length of treatment will vary based on the individual. Due to the anticipated duration of my postdoctoral experience, treatment will likely conclude by September of 2023 at the latest.

I am also deeply interested in psychological assessment, particularly in those needed for an accurate diagnosis, to inform treatment, or as required by a legal entity. I have had training in differential diagnosis, test validity, and some specialized measures. If you are seeking an assessment, I would be interested to hear about your needs.

Please communicate either by phone: 603-889-8648 ex: 106 or email (preferred):