Carol Malouin, LCMHC 46 NH License #761

Greetings, my name is Carol and I have been at Lamora Psychological Associates for about 12 years. Prior to Coming to Lamora I worked at the Community Mental Health Center as a Child & Adolescent Therapist. My passion has always been in human services as a special education advocate, providing mental illness management services in the community and collaborating with schools, Guardian Ad Items, DCYF, Pediatricians and more.

In addition, I have developed a trauma specialty and have had the privilege of meeting with people of all ages to heal wounds that they have been carrying sometimes for years. When they are set free from their trauma, they have a whole new perspective on life.

I have also had the honor of working with individuals and their families around end of life issues. Again, receiving referrals from various hospice providers and medical practitioners has been rewarding. Spirituality is often a key component of my practice.

My goal is to connect with all clients and engage in working toward whatever goals they may have. My hope is to help all clients work through and challenges that prevent them from living safe, healthy, fulfilling lives. I work with children to help them find their voice.

Children and Adolescents often need support in traveling the rocky road of development, especially with individual crises along the way.

Areas of practice include, but are not limited to:
~ Trauma/PTSD
~ Learning Differences
~ Anxiety Disorders
~ Mood Disorders
~ Parenting/Co-Parenting
~ Divorce/Separation
~ Grief & Loss