Bob Salvatore, LCSW

Do you need help with anxiety, depression, trauma, panic, phobias, or relationship problems? Would you like to see quick and effective solutions to these problems? Sometimes problems may be due to past emotional, physical and sexual traumas you’ve carried through your life, and which affect your relationships, general functioning, and happiness. Using cognitive and behavioral techniques, including EMDR and hypnoanalysis, I can usually help you resolve issues in about 7 sessions. Over three decades, I have helped thousands of people like you by providing solution-focused brief therapy for general as well as specific problems.

Relationship Problems

Are you having problems in your marriage, workplace or another relationship? I can help you improve your communication and teach you other skills to work out differences in a healthy way so you can have a long-term, satisfying relationship.


With a specialty in anxiety disorders, I can teach you how relax, how to create an internal safe place, and how to cope with stressful situations. Anxiety symptoms including insomnia, muscle tension, headaches, and stomach problems usually resolve quickly. Both EMDR and hypnosis work well for performance anxiety in sports or business presentations/speeches.

Physical Illness

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Migraine headaches? High blood pressure? I can use hypnosis for physical illnesses such as hypertension and irritable bowel syndrome. A "cutting edge" 7 session protocol is particularly effective for severe IBS. Using one session of Integrated EMDR, I can stop your migraine headaches most of the time, and teach you and a partner how to do this at home.


If you suffer from traumas, large or small, I can help you reprocess most negative experiences rapidly with EMDR. This will quickly allow you to respond differently to daily stresses and situations in your life. Using EMDR, I've personally treated nearly 1,000 people like you, and even skeptical patients are surprised to experience how well EMDR works.
More information

To learn more about how my brief solution-focused therapy might benefit you, please read my articles in the Knowledgebase section of this web site:
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If you live in southern New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts, I would be happy to discuss by phone how my experience and skills can help you. Please call me.

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