Lynne Randall

Lynne Randall is a seasoned clinical social worker with 20 years of experience. She comes with a varied background, having worked in psychiatric, corporate, medical and church based settings. While her treatment approach is eclectic, matching the intervention to the presenting problem, she prefers to use brief treatment models such as cognitive-behavioral or solution oriented therapy. She is Level II trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. She is experienced in treating depression, trauma, life stage transition, substance abuse, women’s issues and adjustment to chronic illness. In the last 5 years, much of her work has focused on preparation for end of life, grief and loss. She sees individuals: late adolescents, adults and elders.

Lynne Randall ascribes to the inherent worth of each individual independent from one’s behavior and or capacity. This is not to say that people are not to be held accountable for their behavior; however, behavior, poor choices, does not determine one’s value. Each person has a unique purpose for their life and contribution to make to those in their life sphere. Some of us are more aware of our purpose than others, but all come to therapy with a goal. The role of therapy is to address that goal, which may, in fact, cause one to return to or initiate purposeful living. Lynne Randall works from a faith-based foundation and is open to address issues from a Biblical frame of reference for those clients for whom this is important.