Joe Mansfield, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have been a therapist for 31 years, and at LaMora Psych. Assoc. since 1993. I’m a Certified Couple & Family Therapist. The majority of my work is in the areas of crisis resolution, relationship improvement, addictions, and the enhancement of self esteem that is being limited by anxiety and depression. Many of my clients come to me at a time of intense stress. Often there has been a challenging event that has put them into a place of helplessness and inability to develop a plan for what to do next.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised at my ability to grasp their problem and to offer them suggestions and tools to address their dilemma in a new and lasting way that leaves them with a strong feeling of emotional integrity.

Due to my reputation as a specialist in helping men to improve their relationships (I've run Men's Relationship & Communication programs since 1978), women feel particularly secure sending their husbands to me or to start couple therapy with the security that their husbands won't be turned off by the process.