Carol Malouin, LCMHC

Hello, my name is Carol and I am the fulltime child, adolescent & family therapist at Lamora. For years I have been in Human services working as an education advocate within schools and doing mental illness management in the community. For the last nine years I have worked as a Child & Adolescent Therapist with some of the most challenging families in cooperation with pediatricians, schools, DCYF and the courts.

In addition, I have developed a specialty in trauma treatment and had the privilege of working with people of all ages. Trauma can take many different forms. I often practice TF-CBT, CBT and an eclectic mix of narrative and alternative mindfulness and other relaxation techniques. I also work with end of life and bereavement clients and families. Spirituality is often a key component of my practice.

I participated in the Mental Health in Schools Program, Emergency Services, Expressive Group Therapy, and taught the Child Impact Program. I have begun to work towards licensure as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and will continue to see clients with substance abuse issues at Lamora Psychological. Finally, I am trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and continue to work in these settings.

As a professional, coach and collaborator I have worked with teachers, doctors, mediators and others to assist my clients in meeting their goals or finding optimum circumstances. I am a therapist to help my clients work through ANY challenges that prevent them from living safe, healthy, happy lives.

I work with children to find ways to express what they feel inside; to find a voice.
NH Lic. #761, MS, LCMHC

Areas of practice:

~ Trauma/PTSD
~ Learning Differences
~ Anxiety Disorders- stress, panic, OCD, separation, social phobia, GAD
~ Reactive Attachment Disorder
~ Substance Related Disorders
~ Mood Disorders
~ Parenting/ Co-parenting
~ Grief & Loss
~ Critical Incident Stress Management